Bruno's Italian Restaurant 
Downtown 417.866.0007

About Chef Bruno
Bruno is an international chef with a passion for fine authentic Italian food. Before opening Bruno's in Springfield Bruno built and operated very successful Italian restaurants in Sweden and London England, for over 15 years. 
Bruno selects and trains his chefs and team to the highest standard. 
Bruno's waiting staff team reflect professionalism in every way, they are smart, knowledgable, attentive and personable. If you have a special request just ask.
Bruno brings that Italian passion and 'gusto' to his restaurant paying attention to detail and overseeing all elements of the kitchen and dining room. Get to know Bruno and you will see how passionate he is about fine authentic Italian food and wine.
Mention wine we touch on another area of expertise found at Bruno's.
Bruno has his own Vinyard in Sicily and a bottle of "Brunello di Saponello" is an ideal blend sourced direct from the Vinyard.     

Bruno's vinyard in Sicily is mirrored on a mural streching the length of his restaurant. Get to know Bruno and maybe one day you could be his guest! Imagine...........

Bruno and his grapes, in Italy.
Picture taking your morning espresso on a patio overlooking a vineyard. Early morning fog masks the ground, muffling all sounds except the quiet chirping of the birds. The nearby sea salts the air and has enriched the local fruit that you relish between bites of a freshly baked croissant. Your afternoon is spent zipping along meandering roads to explore ruins of 11th century castles that stand tall on mountaintops, still exuding their original majesty. As dusk falls, the aroma of grilled swordfish accompanied by local pasta tossed with homemade tomato sauce fills your villa. Or perhaps you visit a local restaurant and enjoy traditional Italian dishes such as tonna all palermitana, a Sicilian specialty of broiled tuna marinated in wine, lemon, garlic and rosemary, served with fresh, pan-fried sardines. Several glasses of the local vino muddle the evening’s memories into a blur of music and laughter, and you fall asleep anticipating the next day in Italy.
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Real Pizza "The Italian Way" Our chefs use a real authentic brick pizza oven!
You taste the difference.
We cook with the freshest ingredients. 

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